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What is Wordwar?

Wordwar is a game playable in a browser or a smartphone. You play with many people at the same time on an infinite board. Your goal is to place words, which have to be connected to existing words.

Things get even more fun, after you created an account and joined a team (identified by a name and a color). Then your goal is to win the game by defeating all other teams.


How to place words

Your letters appear on top of the board. You have 8 letters. Pick up a letter by clicking on it once (the color changes).

Then drop it by clicking on a free place on the board.

You may also drag and drop.

When you are done, click the green button: 

Rules, how to place the letters in a turn

  • At least one of your letters has to be adjacent to an already existing letter on the board
  • You may extend existing words by putting letters in front or at the end
  • All your letters must lie in a row (horizontal or vertical)

  • They have to be connected (including letters allready on the board)

  • New words you create in this manner must ALL exist in the chosen language. Words are read from left to right, or from top to bottom.

Extra conditions when playing in a team

  • At least one of the final words has to be connected to an existing letter of your team on the board.
  • You may place letters on top of enemy-letters (including neutral ones), so you can also replace words.

If you don't know any words to place with your letters anymore, you can exchange all your letters with new random ones in exchange for 3 of your turns by clicking the orange button:

How to win

A team has won a game, when there are no other teams left. As a team, you can conquer enemy-words by extending or changing them, or even conquer whole enemy regions by encircling them. This works for arbitrary big regions (with a little delay sometimes).

Accepted words

At least all words accepted by a spellchecker in your chosen language should be accepted. If some words are missing, you can suggest them to us


Wordwar is offered in the following languages at the moment, each language with its own gameboard: german, english, arabic, russian, spanish, french


For each hour you receive 20 turns, but can maximal have 30 turns. You receive turns for each game you are taking part.


You can drag the board to scroll the view for short distances.

The map:

On the left side on top of the page you see an image. This represents a totaly zoomed out overview of the board. The red rectangle is the current section of the board displayed on the screen. You can click the map, to center the board at the clicked point. Letters newer than one hour are displayed in white color.

Joining a team

Wordwar is most fun, when playing in a team. You may found a team and invite your friends to play in that team with you, or join some arbitrary other team

To join/found a team, you have to create an account and log in. Then you'll find a "join team" button on top of the board.


On each letter you see a little number which represents the score for this letter. For each accepted word, you earn the sum of the points of its letters (so letters can be counted double). If you can place two words in one turn, both words are counted double. You can replace letters of the other team in your word, these letters are stolen from the other team, and also all words from the other team, which include these letters


There are 3 highscore-lists:
  • One for each game with the sum of points for each team.
  • One for each game with the sum of points for each player.
  • And a third for all players in all games: score = (sum of all points) / (count of placed words) * 100 + (count of placed words) * 10



You can write something about you in your profile, edit it in your account settings.

Who placed which letters?

You can click on a letter to see, who placed this letter. This works only for letters by registered players. The players profile will be displayed in a popup. There you'll see also all the words placed by him. The words, which contain the letter you clicked, are highlighted.

Comments / Chat

You can make comments to the game, optional for your team only by opening the side panel with the chat-button. You may leave the panel open while playing, if your screen is big enough. Comments also appear as notifications in the bottom right corner of the board.

Start playing!